After interrupted backup, Duplicati wants to start re-uploading everything!

I am trying to backup a fairly large folder of .mkv’s to Google Drive. About 1.3TB in size. After making it about 800GB, I needed to restart, so I stopped Duplicati then rebooted. It resumed, but lost about 400GB in progress so I deleted/rebuilt the database and verified the backups via the GUI. All the files are still on Google Drive.

But now when I hit “run”, it always starts from 0%. I assume it’s overwriting what’s already on Google Drive? How can I continue near where I left off?

Hello @bcherb2 and welcome to the forum!

How does Duplicati Resume After Interruption? is one of the better explanations I’ve seen on what’s happening.

Interrupted backups due to a reboot is another case of the question. I think there was also a recent forum case which started out worrying but found that things indeed were not restarting from scratch. I can’t find that now…

If you want to see what’s actually being transferred, use About --> Show log --> Live --> Information to see files.

Thanks for the reply. I see what’s going on now, it’s not starting over, but it IS checking files one by one (rather slowly). I assumed this happened during the “verifying backend data” step. There’s no message on the progress bar right now, only size to go (there’s no rate, either). It would have been helpful if there was a message like “Checking” or something to let me know what it’s doing.