Minio S3 Object Name Errors

Using Duplicati - & Minio RELEASE.2018-10-06T00-15-16Z on different machines on the same LAN.

When using Duplicati to backup to my Minio backend, Duplicati errors out with “Object name contains unsupported characters.” message at the bottom. Nothing shows up in the minio log.

A github search reveals that this might be related to how Minio stores objects in the filesystem, and that it’s ‘working as intended’, which means that some incompatibility exists due to use of ‘//’: Object name contains unsupported characters when using double forward slash (//) · Issue #5874 · minio/minio · GitHub

At the same time, I see multiple threads on here that suggest Duplicati+Minio is working fine.

This last one specifically says Minio is a supported destination though I don’t see it in the list, and ‘S3 compatible’ often reverts to ‘Amazon S3’ when I try to edit the settings if that makes any difference.

What am I doing wrong that it’s not working?

Literally right after posting this I found:

The problem is the pre-populated destination contains /source/

Remove the destination and it works as intended. Leaving this up for others to find.

Thanks for pointing this out! I flagged your post as the solution. :slight_smile:

I don’t use Minio myself so want to double check - they issue happens if there are ANY slashes in the Destination field, right?

If so, it might be with a UI tweak to validate that field…

I tested it, and /source/ (default) does not work; /source does work but doesn’t actually create a /source folder in the bucket. All the files are dumped straight into the bucket root, which is entirely functional, but cumbersome if you wanted to backup several machines without creating unique buckets for each one.

If you want to test it out yourself, I can PM you with credentials and give you access to a bucket.

This might be relevant for better implementing support for Minio. It describes differences in the API vs S3:

Thanks for the info & bucket offer.

I actually have a Minio Docker container running but never got around to configure using it for anything. :slight_smile:

Maybe now is a good time for me to get back to that…

While I’m here, I should mention that I updated duplicati fails to connect to backblaze b2 · Issue #3333 · duplicati/duplicati · GitHub to reflect that B2 selection screen needs a UI tweak as well. The suggested required information is incorrect with regards to what B2 actually expects to see to auth properly.