Duplicati with Minio replacing crashplan friends

Hello all,

I’m currently testing a possible migration option using a Duplicati/Minio setup. Later this year Crashplan will stop with its Home (green) version. Currently I use the friends option for years. I use
this for my own data to store at my brother’s Nas and I have also 5 paying clients which store data at my NAS.

So far my results are fairly positive. I’ve setup Minio as a lightweight S3 compatible object storage target running in a docker on a Synology NAS. Duplicati is connecting the Minio server using its S3 intergration possibilities. Everything is working nice except one thing.

The issue I have is when the client cleans its local database and want to start all over again, the client complaints that there are still some files at the remote backup location. (i’ve cleaned the local database). When I remove these “remote” files with the Minio Client Tools (mc.exe) the backup will start from scratch.

Is there an easy way to enforce the duplicati client to do this so, it instructs the remote side to clear all exisiting files?

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You can delete remote files when deleting the backup configuration.
When deleting a backup job, you can Delete the local database (1), export the current configuration (2) and delete all backup files at the remote side (3).

If you want to start a new backup using the same settings, you can add a new backup and import the .JSON file back into Duplicati.

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Kees (vanuit Nederland denk ik ;-)) thx!

This worked. Just do it once, keep the config on the desktop so, you can reuse it later at your clients will do for me.

Supportability zit ook wel snor!


Ja, goed gezien!

Glas to hear it’s working. Thanks for the feedback.