Magentacloud: How-to use the new webdav link in duplicati?

New webdav address for magenta cloud fails in duplicati (since Dec 2021):

SSL is enabled.

I’ve tried: → fails → fails Port 443 → fails

Duplicati changes my input from:

auto to:
dir: /remote.php/webdav

which fails too.

Any idea how this could work?


  1. did you create a new username and protocol password? (MagentaCLOUD FAQ | Telekom)
  2. Server: Port 443 SSL: Checked
  3. Path: /remote.php/webdav PLUS further path-parts if data should not be saved in root (My Duplicat-Backup for example is in /remote.php/webdav/Duplicati which was simple /Duplicati before the changes.

This worked for me!



Zusch’s hint doesn’t work for me. What about the “Sitzung/Geräte” settings in Magentacloud?

Any other suggestions?


it seems that Magentacloud has still technical problems at the moment (today I also have issues again - yesterday it worked perfectly for me). They are “working on this”:
Die neue MagentaCLOUD | Telekom ( Magentacloud update seems the same desaster as the move from Mediacenter ot Magentacloud some years ago.

About the settings: Simply login into the web-client and navigate to the “Sitzung/Geräte” settings. There create a new “Sitzung”. A password is generated automatically and is shown until you click “Erledigt”. I think you can change the Username, but you can also keep it.

After Clicking “Erledigt” there no way to show the Password again. So if its lost you have to choose “Widerrufen” (not delete(!) - this will remote erase the data on the device) for the Device from the list and create a new one Password as described above.

Remember to create a unique “Sitzung” for every app/device you want to connect (for example one for Duplicati and one other for Windows-Explorer-Drive, another for your mobile app and so on).


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I made the “Test” working and the backup from the gui also (but having problems from the command line). See this

duplicati02 is the name of the folder in the cloud were the backup is saved

Today it worked as described above. No / before remote.php!

Thanks to everybody.

Thanx for the helpfull description - works fine now :grinning:

Interesting! My Config works WITH “/” before remote.php… Maybe it is simply ignored or stripped internally…

Today it worked for me too. Many thanks to all.

I experience the same issues pointed out before by you.

I did setup everything like thommyX suggested, however I keep

“Failed to connect: Error: NameResolutionFailures”


Ok, somehow the issued solved itself. Did not made any adjustments to the configuration but now it’s working as expected. :sweat_smile: