Lost my duplicati backup configuration. I could not figure out how to recover it

Just some feedback for you.

Consider the usage scenario: user uses a NAS connected by USB to a wifi router, and uses a duplicati backup configuration file located on a windows laptop, and the backup works successfully for years.

Then, the hard disk crashes on the windows laptop HARD. It cannot be read in any way.

I installed a new SSD on the laptop, and fortuneately, I was able to restore the backup from the NAS.

However, I lost one file and that is the duplicati backup configuration file. I could not figure out how to get it. The UI for duplicati suggested that the backup configuration file was in the backup files themselves on the NAS. I tried that, but, it failed.

Please post words or picture. There should be no such suggestion made, because it would be false.
The local job database can generally be created from destination (see below), but you ask for config.
That’s the information you type in when you add a backup job. It’s not clear which of those you want.
Is the end goal to keep using the backup? That needs database plus at least the approximate config.

Exporting a backup job configuration and saving it securely is the way to save an exact configuration.
Without that, recovery can be approximated by looking at the restored information to see what it had.
Is there some particularly difficult aspect? Some people confuse the configuration with job database.

How? Did you use Restoring files if your Duplicati installation is lost? If so, you need the job database.
If, on the other hand, you typed a rough configuration then did a Repair, maybe you’re tweaking config.