Lost Config When Upgrading to

Long story short, after upgrade to and restart, the original backup jobs are no longer showing (basically I’m back at a new install).

The sqlite database files for backup jobs are still in the \data directory, but I can’t remember the exact names of the back up jobs, so getting back up and rolling is rather difficult at this point. (lesson learned, copious notes to be made henceforth)

Is there any way for me to figure out what those job names were by opening a file or something?

Also, do the sqlite databases get backed up somewhere after each back up, or do we need to create a separate job for that?

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Is anyone able to offer any help or guidance here? Thanks!

\data implying Docker (which I don’t use)? Is there a Duplicati-server.sqlite (server database) anywhere?
If not, do you have any Export To File of job configurations manually run and safely stashed somewhere?

Create some trivial not-to-be-run backup job and copy the job database to its not-yet-there Database path. Using Restore menu should show you what files there are, but it won’t know the original job configuration.

Separate job if you like, however here is the case for just using/testing Recreate of a job database instead.
For configuration preservation, you can backup Duplicati-server.sqlite or preserve its configuration exports.

Done how? I’m still trying to figure out if this is a Duplicati Docker, except those use /data rather than \data.
If this is Windows with a custom folder being used, what Duplicati processes do you see in Task Manager?

Maybe --portable-mode was being used?

So maybe \data meant C:\Program Files\Duplicati 2\data? Maybe. @s4zando please clarify.
What is the OS, and the full path (although methods may be similar unless this is a Docker situation)?

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Thanks for chiming in!

Yeah, so I was remiss in telling a little more about the environment. Sorry about that, I know better and expect more of myself.

Windows 7 OS.

Yes, @TS678, that is the correct windows path. No, no Docker. No Portable. Just a straight up, “simple” Win7 OS install on a parents’ laptop.

Generally, there aren’t significant changes in data on this PC, so this isn’t disastrous by any means. I only have two Back Up jobs defined that regularly run - One to an external HD and one to the cloud (Wasabi). Each one runs once per week or so. It would be great to at least re-gather the original job names/configs so that I can continue the back ups as they’ve been running.

Please let me know if you need any further info.


To do that, I guess you’re setting it to \data with server-datafolder or DUPLICATI_HOME as below?

Duplicati needs to store a small database with all settings. Use this option to choose where the settings are stored. This option can also be set with the environment variable DUPLICATI_HOME.

Above is Duplicati-server.sqlite, You can use the Database page to move individual job databases.

Is there a Duplicati-server.sqlite in \data, C:\Users\You\AppData\Local\Duplicati, or anywhere else?
That’s your configuration. You call it a ‘simple’ install so I assume there’s no Windows service here.
It would be very unusual for the config file to vanish, but maybe you disconnected from it somehow.