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I have just found Duplicati & installed beta2.0. I cannot find anywhere a test button for email settings but more importantly cannot find any ability to have Duplicati running & doing scheduled backups without having to log in, ie, run as a true service. Can you advise any further information?



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I can’t help with the email question.

The latest version I installed 2 days ago installed a systemd service. as long as this is running the backups should work. The web UI is just for status and changing configuration.

Which distro are you using?

As @tenkian said it installs a systemd service, so it should be a matter of running:

systemctl start duplicati

If you want the tray-icon, change the launcher executable to use:

duplicati --no-hosted-server --serverurl=http://localhost:8200

That will make the tray-icon start on login and point to the already running service.

If you cannot (or will not) use the systemd script, you can simply run

mono Duplicati.Server.exe &

In an init.rc script or similar.

The email setup is explained in this topic:


A helpful guide here for those who didn’t end up with service files (none were installed on OpenSUSE): Headless installation on Debian or Ubuntu · duplicati/duplicati Wiki · GitHub.

Thanks, this was a great tutorial.

Hi, I do not know how to do this. Can you help me with a beginner tutor…

I am using LINUX OPEN SUSE LEAP. Thank you!

Welcome to the forum @pedroeduardo

It would be best if a user with openSUSE Leap helped, if this gets OS-specific… High-level info is:

mono at version 5 or above is required. That lets you run the mono command. The file might be in /usr/lib/duplicati but I’m unsure where yours is. If you have /usr/bin/duplicati-server, examining it with a text editor would probably show, or you could run that script to start the server.

/usr/bin/duplicati is usually a server with a tray icon that shows status via its style and colors.

Starting at boot would be done by configuring systemd, typically done via the systemctl command.
openSUSE:Systemd tips
The systemd Daemon
You’d probably do things like sudo systemctl start duplicati (or stop, enable, disable, etc.)

Examples from other systems:

Installing Duplicati on Linux (Ubuntu / LinuxLite)
How to install Duplicati on Debian Stretch