Linux installation instructions outdated

Your manual needs updating, in particular the instructions for installing mono. Ubuntu has moved way past xenial

The instructions to install duplicati that are in the manual now don’t work for Ubuntu 18.04

Welcome to the forum @kdv666 - and thanks for letting us know!

Are you referring to the online documentation or a post like a Installing Duplicati on Ubunutu Linux

I was wondering what “don’t work” looks like here, and whether it’s like Problem installing on ubuntu 18.04 server where I was thinking of asking whether people had the Universe repo (some missing items moved).

Software Packages in “xenial”
Software Packages in “bionic”

The above transition might be related to the below transition. I’m not familiar with it or with Duplicati’s uses.

Upcoming shift to Ayatana (App)Indicator(s)
Ubuntu Indicators to Ayatana Indicators Transition

It seems like Duplicati wouldn’t be the only source of mono install directions, so maybe there’s info around.

I was wondering how many versions back of systems the documentation should support.

While it would be great to have instructions for the latest OS we should still consider users in older systems.

I’m referring to the Manual. That’s where I looked when there was no mention ( at least none I could find ) on the downloads page where you click through to the ubuntu deb.

Eventually, I went to the mono page and got the updated instructions there, which worked. It wasn’t just a matter of changing “xenial” to “bionic” in the download line, btw.

Instead of trying to keep your mono instructions in the manual updated, why not just have a link to the mono page? Let them take care of keeping the instructions. current for their own product.


Very good question. My 2 cents worth is that the latest ubuntu long term release is 18.04. The one before that was 16.04, and I think it’s worth supporting that, because it’s still well within its 5-year ubuntu long term support cycle.

14.04? Maybe not so much. I suspect, with no evidence to back me up, that there are very few people using it now. Mind you, I am wrong about many things. But a policy worth considering might be that every time a new long-term release comes out, support that, and the previous one, but drop the one before that.


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