Jottacloud: Setup details

Could someone share the basic set up details for a back-end connection to Jottacloud please?
I’m getting a Failed to connect: Error: TrustFailure (The authentication or decryption has failed.)
this is my first attempt at using a cloud based solution to backup my files, so I’m struggling with the basic format of the inputs needed when attempting to Add New Backup.
Many thanks in advance

Hi @markwalton, welcome to the forum.

I don’t use Jottacloud, but I’ll try “basic format”, and then your error message.

C:\Program Files\Duplicati 2>Duplicati.CommandLine.exe help jottacloud
Jottacloud (jottacloud):
 This backend can read and write data to Jottacloud using it's REST protocol.
 Allowed format is "jottacloud://folder/subfolder".
 Supported options:
  --auth-password (Password): Supplies the password used to connect to the
    The password used to connect to the server. This may also be supplied as
    the environment variable "AUTH_PASSWORD".
  --auth-username (String): Supplies the username used to connect to the
    The username used to connect to the server. This may also be supplied as
    the environment variable "AUTH_USERNAME".
  --jottacloud-device (String): Supplies the backup device to use
    The backup device to use. Will be created if not already exists. You can
    manage your devices from the backup panel in the Jottacloud web
    interface. When you specify a custom device you should also specify the
    mount point to use on this device with the "jottacloud-mountpoint"
  --jottacloud-mountpoint (String): Supplies the mount point to use on the
    The mount point to use on the server. The default is "Archive" for using
    the built-in archive mount point. Set this option to "Sync" to use the
    built-in synchronization mount point instead, or if you have specified a
    custom device with option "jottacloud-device" you are free to name the
    mount point as you like.

C:\Program Files\Duplicati 2>
(Disclaimer and Concepts give context)

Changes to Jottacloud authentication
(Is this going to break 3rd party apps?)

Having said all that, I wonder if you got your error rather early, especially since your connection had a failure.

Error messages can be useful, especially the right part after the introduction (which varies more with the use). Yours looks like a commonly seen message with a variety of causes, but if you’re on Linux, there seem to be some issues with mono. You can use forum search with your message, or an Internet search engine limited to or will find some. There’s also a general statement about the issue.

SSL TLS support in Mono

Many thanks for the reply.
I’ve managed to get a connection working using the jotta-cli supplied by Jottacloud on an Ubuntu 18.04 system.
The TLS issues with Mono are the most likely culprit for my original error message, given what I needed to do with the certificates prior to jotta-cli installation.
As it happens, using the Ubuntu box as a central NAS repository for the encrypted, compressed backup files from the 5 laptops in the team allows the files synced to jottacloud to be treated as one user, so a win-win in the end.
I will not investigate the original error further until I have some spare time to play about with mono on a test machine.

Hi @markwalton, welcome to the forum!

I’m glad to hear you figured out a solution, but I did want to make sure you were aware of a few side effects of backup up to a local drive then using a sync to to a remote location:

  1. Don’t worry - it should work just fine for backups :slight_smile:

  2. Be a little worried about accidental (or malicious) deletion of local backups being synced to your cloud causing BOTH copies of your backups to be affected :neutral_face:

  3. Consider the restore path if your local backups drive fails - you’ll need to either point Duplicati to JottaCloud OR manually get the files to somewhere Duplicati can see before you’ll be able to do a restore. In the case of manually moving the files, you’ll likely have to move ALL of them (not just the most recent) in order to restore so as time goes on (and your backups take up more space) this could slow down restore response times :thinking:

There might also be timing issues. Duplicati looks like it’s very careful to put updates to the backend in a specific order that avoids references to things going out before the things do. Sync doesn’t know about such fine points. Eventually, it “should” settle down and be consistent, but if loss occurs at a busy time, restore may get confused.

Having given the above caveats, I think having something off-site is better than having nothing off-site (for now).

Glad you got it working with the official jotta-cli. Would be interesting to know if the built-in Duplicati backend now works, after you solved the TLS issues…

Jottacloud have introduced changes to the API, related to file upload (increasing speed) and authentication, which the Duplicati backend (and my other tool) has not adapted to. So this might break things, but my existing setup still works - and I guess others also since there are not many reports about issues. So hopefully it was the TLS issue that caused the problem in your case, or else another possibility is that you had problems because you were included in a gradual adoption to the new authentication method in Jottacloud - and then I/we would have to speed up the upgrade of the Duplicati backend code!

It seems I am not so lucky. Since 31 July my backups are failing. I get a secure channel authentication error. Any ideas? thanks.

Hi @newb7800, welcome to the forum!

What version of Duplicati are you using?

Can you post the actual error message details (click on the message in the GUI log to see the details)? That might help us on down what backup step is having the authentication problem.

Oh, and if you edit the Destination step of your job and use the"Test connection"button, does it report success?

Hi. After 10 hours of troubleshooting I managed to reestablish my connection. It was most likely a docker network issue. I had changed the MTU on my host and the Docker0 bridge connection did not like this. It took hours to find the culprit but now with MTU at 1500 the connection to Jottacloud in the Test Connection section works again. Running the cloud update now to see if it works to completion with sucess. Thanks.