Is there a yum/dnf .repo file to keep duplicati automatically updated?

I have installed the Fedora rpm, but it looks like that doesn’t install a file to /etc/yum.repos.d/, so I don’t think it will upgrade automatically. Is there a repo file that will keep installing newer versions?

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Duplicati provides its own updater at the moment. The GUI will report updates that the user can install.
It’s a bit buggy so sometimes the activation button has it exit instead. Possibly systemd will restart it…

Nothing official, but a third-party site was announced here, with good looking directions I haven’t tried.

Deb and RPM Repository

I still don’t have it running as a systemd service, I am actually looking into that right now, as I got a lot of errors from it not being able to backup bits of /etc. Apparently the rpm package doesn’t ship with it =/

It ships. Have you done systemctl status duplicati.service to see if you can find its status?