Deb and RPM Repository

I created a repository for Linux distros that use deb or rpm to install packages.

Supports both deb and rpm, it just copies the deb and rpm files from releases. Both beta and canary branches supported.

I want to eventually make this “official”. I have one extremely complex option, and one simple option.

I could try integrating it into, but it would require a license change to AGPL since the upstream is licensed as that.
Edit: Only the code itself is AGPL licensed, the output is not. Since the output of the program (the repository) is the thing running on the server, not the code itself, it would be fine, if I’m reading Why the GNU Affero GPL - GNU Project - Free Software Foundation correctly. Putting the scripts in the repo would require that folder to be AGPL licensed.
It would require that code be pushed to a different branch, and then the site built on the main branch, using something like GitHub - Automattic/action-commit-to-branch: GitHub action that will commit the result to an input branch to allow automated updating on every new release.

  1. Webhook triggers site update action
  2. Site update runs on branchA, pushing the site plus the repository files to branchB.
  3. Github runs site on branchB.

branchA is where everything is committed to by developers.

Alternatively, there could be a duplicati gitlab account for this. I don’t know how the duplicati organization is managed, so there might be problems with that. Converting it is just replacing “samuel-w” with “duplicati”, and changing the GPG key, and maybe setting up a subdomain to point to it (

Otherwise, I’m fine with putting this somewhere in the documentation.
There are also packages for Arch Linux AUR (en) - duplicati-latest AUR (en) - duplicati2-beta. These all could be put on a sub page in the install page, making sure to mark these as unofficial.

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I don’t know how this is maintained, but the following seems to show the versions available in various package repositories:

Packaging status

It seems to combine both canary and beta branches, making the distros that stay on the beta branch look outdated.