Is Duplicati 2 out of beta yet?

I know this has been asked multiple times before and the answer has always been “no but it is stable enough for production”. However, for obvious reasons many people like myself will not use beta software in production even if it is stable enough.

Now that Dupicati has switched business models (which I totally support – need funding to write great software!), are there any plans to pull Duplicati out of beta?

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The forum posts below yours provide status:


I don’t know if plans have changed, but that’s the last sequencing of things that I’ve seen published, and it appears to suggest that the “out of beta” will be in .NET 8 which has extensive changes not yet in Canary.

See Battle plan for migrating to .Net8 which actually provides some good fodder for writing a release note.

Following first .NET 8 Canary, the usual path is a few more Canary, and a Beta. Beta exit criteria are often unclear. Any particular fixes needed? Sometimes there’s a forum topic to argue about what needs doing…

One challenge is that some problems which are very rare can’t be reproduced. This makes fixing difficult. Knowing what the target is, though, can sometimes bring things like debug code to bear to get more data.

Yes! I have identified two cases where the backups stop running due to logic errors (they are still restore-able). Once these two are resolved I plan to release a stable version.

I have prioritized moving to .NET8 as the tools are much better with this version and essentially makes it easier to debug and fix problems.

Exactly. I think for the two issues, I can look at all the reporting in the community and probably create reproducible scenarios.