Invalid File Format (.spk DSM 7.1 Synology)

Downloaded the currently available Duplicati ((v2.0.6.3)) for Synology NAS.
Attempted Manual Install to my Synology NAS DS918+ running DSM 7.1 (recently upgraded from v6.2.4) as Duplicati was not available in the Package Manager.
Getting Invalid File Format for the .spk when attempting to upload to the NAS.
Has anyone had similar experiences and may be able to shed some light ?

Welcome to the forums @davcomNZ.

A bit of digging around gave me these threads about Duplicati not installing on DSM 7. Sadly, it doesn’t look like the issue has been resolved.

Since DSM has support for Docker you could go that route. I few people who’ve been around this board have done that. It didn’t always go smoothly, but people here can help you if you run into trouble.

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Thanks for the replies.
I had continued to dig after posting and found that Docker had been used successfully with Duplicati if a Synology NAS was running DSM v7.x so am pursueing that option. The reason it’s broken is that Synology changed the way root permissions are accessed with v7.x and it broke a LOT of other peoples apps as well. Not Duplicati’s fault at all.

2 links to setting up Docker on a Synology NAS, one specifically for Duplicati …
How to use Docker on a Synology NAS (Tutorial) - YouTube (Wundertech - Frank)
How to Install Duplicati on Your Synology NAS – Marius Hosting (Mariushosting - Marius)

Wundertech is excellent at explaining setting up Docker containers but his example uses a Pi-Hole container not Duplicati.
Marius’ example is for setting up a Duplicati container inside Docker.

Setting up Docker seems to be pretty much the best way to get Duplicati running but doing so is not for the faint hearted. It does have complexities and if anyone wants the Docker method but isn’t confident then asking their local nerd shop would be a good option to consider.

I have a few years nerd duty under my belt so, following those video’s I don’t anticipate too many issues.
Thanks again.

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