Internationalisation bug?

Env: macOS 10.13, Duplicati

Test script:


DUPLICATI__dbpath="/Users/haron/.config/Duplicati/<my db path>.sqlite"

REPORT_FILE="$HOME/Library/Application Support/Duplicati/${DUPLICATI__backup_name}.log"

$DUPLICATI compare file:/dummy 1 0 "--dbpath=$DUPLICATI__dbpath" --full-result > $REPORT_FILE

When run from command line, output file contains correct file names with Russian characters. When run as run-script-after Russian chars in the output file replaced with question marks.

Probably related to CultureInfo.CurrentCulture didn't match macos settings · Issue #16827 · mono/mono · GitHub as previously I reported UI bug: strange date format - Support - Duplicati

Is anybody here? :slight_smile: Let’s investigate and fix.

Hello, opening an issue on the Github project page may be a better way to get a dev’s attention. Thanks!

Workaround has been found, script (Email list of backed up files - How-To - Duplicati) fixed.