Integral RAM Disk / Volume Building support

Hey there,
I was trying to figure out why my OS disk was murdering itself when I was backing up other unrelated disks, and found this thread. I’ve got a RAM disk running now and it’s so much quicker, and I don’t have to worry about the wear and tear on my primary disk.
I suppose my question is have there been any developments on in memory storage building? Or having the software create it’s own ramdisk of sorts? In the thread I saw @kenkendk mention “in-memory” volume support was potentially in the works.

If it is already around in the many advanced options, please have patience with me, I’m fairly new to this software :stuck_out_tongue:



No there is no such feature neither it is planned, so the RAM disk is still the best option for users having to backup big amount of data with the database and temporary files on classic rotating disks.
Note that IMO setting an environment variable for the Ramdisk is slightly better than using the tempdisk advanced option since it will allow Duplicati to use temporary databases on the Ramdisk - if you use the tempdisk advanced option, only the temporary files will be stored on the Ramdisk.

I am just going to link to my previous post about this. Essentially this is possible and I have a functioning draft coded, but it would require more work to get into a releasable state. There are other priorities right now.

this is only an improvement for old systems that don’t have at least a SSD drive for the operating system, at the price of more complex code (and more options). I think that Duplicati code is quite complex enough as it is (and has way too much options) so I’m not in favour of such a change.

I respectfully disagree, SSDs wear even faster than HDDs, so this issue of a RAM disk (or in-memory buffers) is beneficial for any system, not only for the speed, but the wear and tear.

It may be right, however the wear for Duplicati developers has been 100% between 2011 (Duplicati 2, the complex one) and 2021. So developers are wearing very fast when exposed to overcomplicated code, maybe faster than SSD. My case rest for not making Duplicati more complicated, and hopefully simpler.

Fair enough, I fully agree on that. My point wasn’t that this is severely needed or anything like that, I just wanted to point out that it would haveadvantages if it was implemented. It’s the developers choice to determine if this advantage is worth the effort or not, I’m not gonna step into that.

The point is that there is a working solution, use a RAM Disk. It is certainly making backups faster when using a classic hard drive, not so much when using a SSD.

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