Incorrect version number for macOS binary

When downloading the macOS binary of Duplicati from the Duplicati Download page, the app displays a version tag of 2.0.2 instead. Shouldn’t the version tag be set to


  1. Go to the Duplicati Download page and download Duplicati for macOS
  2. Double click the downloaded dmg file
  3. Right click on the Duplicati app file and select “Get info” or simply select the app and press spacebar (to open Quick Look).

The version displays 2.0.2, but instead should display or as described by the downloaded file name.

My QuickLook does not display any info like that (nor does “Show info”), it just shows a generic dmg icon and the full filename.

But I am guessing that this is a MacOS thing where they just show the first 3 version numbers and cut off the fourth.

I can confirm that on MacOS Sierra 10.12.6 the web GUI “About” pages says “” but the “Get info” on the installed application says “2.0.2”.

In looking at Google Chrome both the application “Get info” and the browser “Help -> About Google Chrome” menu show the long “61.0.3163.100” so apparently it’s not just an OS limitation.

Can you post a screenshot? Mine looks like this:

That looks like info on the install file, I assumed the OP was talking about the app.
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Thanks for the screenshot, now I know where to look, and I have fixed it:


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