Canary install on macOS: version number incorrect

I’m currently running (About > ServerVersionName) but Get Info for the app indicates it’s version (as does the plist in /Applications/ - the CFBundleVersion & CFBundleShortVersionString are both

This is reminiscent of this report from 6 years ago, as well as some work done here by kenkendk to resolve a different issue with Get Info showing the wrong version.

I know that there is an updates folder under /Users/[user]/Library/Application Support/Duplicati that may contain multiple, numbered folders as Duplicati is updated.

However, since the current behavior differs from how other apps behave, is this resolvable? I don’t remember the reason for using an updates folder and not overwriting data beneath inside /Applications, and since I couldn’t find anything in the forum…

Original reasons are hard to know without original author, but here’s a previous statement about that:

however it’s not clear if the current autoupdater will survive the needed migration from .NET Framework onto whatever .NET 5+ future is in store. I think there was a wish to find some third-party updater tool… Popular and well-resourced software such as web browsers seem to have updater services these days.

The heavily manual update approach is to stop the software, update somehow, and restart the software because just overwriting running executables (etc.) will likely work poorly. Must coordinate the activities.

Somebody else can maybe speak to macOS specifics. I don’t have it or know much about any specifics.

Replace auto updater #4542 has more discussion on this, and apparently Windows has the same issue.
As with most things, volunteers are too few, so feel free to help if this is an area that is of interest to you.