IMPORTANT: TransIP's STACK free storage plan will be discontinued

Anyone who uses STACK Storage (a free 1000 GB cloud storage service from the Dutch hosting company TransIP), should note that TransIP will discontinue this service shortly.

After 2 incidents of hard drives failing in their datacenters, TransIP announced that the free storage plan will be discontinued. Accounts that were not logged in in the past year will be locked on November 12. If you log in to the TransIP control panel before that date, you can connect to your STACK and download your files up to February 14, 2021. On that date, all free accounts and data will be deleted.

You have the option to convert your free account to a paid account. TransIP offers a 50% discount (€3,03/month) and 250 GB additional space for the first 12 months. Otherwise you will need to find another storage solution and transfer your files there, before they will be deleted in February 2021.


Free doesn’t exist… Luckily I have my data stored at 2 locations…

This is the kind of email I actually like to get - thanks for sending it.

I got this mail too. Does anybody have good suggestions for alternatives? If I have to start paying, I’d like to compare multiple options. Alternatives preferably with storage in EU due to privacy-laws.

Also note that the € 3,03 per month is just for the first year. After that it becomes € 6,05.

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I’m also interested in alternatives!

I’m very satisfied with Backblaze B2 (EU datacenter).
The price is $0.01/GB (that’s 5$ for 1TB) + download fee. I haven’t exceeded the free transactions with Duplicati.

Excl VAT.


Spijtig, Kees! Was al vele jaren trouwe en tevreden gebruiker en was net zo blij dat je voor mij die storing hebt verholpen… Nogmaals veel dank voor je hulp en veel succes met de verdere ontwikkeling van Stack!

Met vriendelijke groet,

Anthonie Zoomers

as im very happy with Tardigrade (Storj Labs), i can recommend it. Servers are mostly around you, wherever you are, much much safer then swiss servers. And very cheap compared to all the centralized storage providers.
edit: i forgot to mention “quicker”.

nice very good i am also interested in alternatives

You can have a look at

They’ll however stop with webdav support very soon

Had the same thing. I also had data stored at BackBlaze since my 3 STACK accounts were not enough for all backups. However when storing quite a lot of data Backblaze is more expensive than the alternative I moved all my data to. This is which is also supported by Duplicati.
Turnover point is around 4TB of stored data. Then is cheaper.

Moved all data with rclone via a VPS and in 2 days I was migrated. This rather than having to upload all 3 TB again via my home connection.

Anyone here have any experience with OVH Public Cloud Object Storage?

Price seems reasonable but I’ve had a 50GB HubiC account before moving to the free Stack 1TB storage and frankly HubiC was terrible.

I mention HubiC because I think it is run by OVH, but perhaps their actual cloud services are better. With HubiC my backup was constantly becoming corrupted at random after a month or so and I’d need to re-upload the whole thing. It just wasn’t reliable.

My initial research shows that Blackblaze is a good option. Unlimited storage for $6 is very cheap. Not done with my research though.

Backblaze was what I wanted to use but the problem I’m having is my backup amount (under 100gb). My debit card charges a flat rate for foreign currency transactions (you can only buy B2 in USD), and they don’t accept paypal. So I think backblaze b2 would end up costing me more in fees that in would in service costs.

Google One seems to be about my cheapest option for 100gb but I’m reluctant to go with one of the big players.

And stuff like tardigrade I feel a little uneasy about data on servers not in control of the company you’re renting from. Of course this is likely irrational since duplicati encrypts before upload.

I guess I’ve had it too good with Stack and that 1tb free storage!

I’d like to reach out and offer our service here. In addition to our pricing which is outstanding we’re offering 25GB free, that might make a good refuge for people that need to move.

PS: We’re having a sale on our Archive that’s pushing the cost below $1 per TB.

This is a hot-storage product that’s speed-limited somewhat on upload, but more so on download, correct?
Sometimes (e.g. disaster recovery) download speed matters a lot. What’s the method for changing speed?
Duplicati also has a potential error recovery where (ideally rarely) DB Recreate searches the entire backup.

Correct this is exactly what we’re selling on the Archive side. We limit upload to around 500Mbit and download to around 35 with the idea of using this primarily as a long term archive. I can however see how the rebuild would be painful.

In the event of a catastrophic failure we can move the data to a higher speed download but that isn’t the preferred option. It would be quicker for us to overnight media with your data. I doubt most people would be wanting to pull 100TB overnight.

In that case we charge $30 + the media costs. If you return the media we’ll return 90% of the media cost when we get it back in usable condition. *NOTE if your outside of the US the cost can be higher or it may take 2 days.

If you really need the higher bandwidth we do have an awesome rate on our standard service :-).


Duplicati tends to get slow (sharply) on very large backups unless default 100 KiB blocksize is increased.
Given a chance, I encourage people to not let their backups get that huge. Maybe break into smaller ones.
Still, that could still get you a big amount of data to pull back if site gets lost, so ship option is good to hear.

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To be clear this pricing is when you use the Backblaze backup application. Duplicati works with Backblaze but you must use their general purpose object storage, called B2. With B2 you pay for what you consume - it isn’t a flat price.

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