I cannot figure out how to get duplicati to open on my imac

I cannot figure out how to get duplicati to work on my Imac. I installed it I also installed Mono I’ve tried uninstalling and reinstalling. My mac OS is Sonoma 14.4. It seemed to install fine but when I click on it to open it nothing happens. Any help would be appreciated!!

Hi Drew, welcome to the forum!

You can usually find some extra log messages in Console that helps diagnose why it does not want to start up.


Download the latest Mono version

That’s presumably taken care of then. What about this part (because macOS removed things)?

To use the tray icon, you currently have to install python3 (you can check that by running /usr/bin/python3) and add pyobjc by hand from a terminal:

sudo pip3 install pyobjc

Where in the console would I look for these I’m not really experienced with using the console at all and am not sure what I’m looking for??

What do I type into the terminal to check if it is installed is it this?

macOS 12.3 release note

Python 2.7 was removed from macOS in this update. Developers should use Python 3 or an alternative language instead. (39795874)

so it’s not likely installed unless you’ve installed it. I don’t have a Mac, but user manual advises:

To use the tray icon, you currently have to install python3 (you can check that by running /usr/bin/python3)

Google search finds some resources such as
How to Install python and pip on Mac | Updated 2023 | Amit Thinks video, but further search has web pages too. Something from 2023 or later might be nice, as macOS removed Python in 2022.

If anyone with a Mac would care to help, feel free. As a side note, I think the next major Duplicati move to .NET 8 should remove some of the difficulty of getting Duplicati up on Linux and macOS.

I got a prompt that asked me to install python when I was installling mono or duplicati but I don’t know how to check if it was the correct version of python or anything like that also what is the tray icon? When will duplicati be moving to .NET 8 then?

.Net8 is in progress
It does not require Python in the current state.

All of that is in the video I linked. For an exact start point, try here. Earlier part was the install.
I doubt the exact Python 3 version matters, and the Python 3 install “should” install Python 3.
There are probably other ways to install Python 3 (use your favorite, if the video didn’t do so).

The video typed python3 --version. I suspect plain old python either starts 3, or isn’t there.
Current Duplicati needs Python 3, and looks like it specifically looks for it. Won’t run Python 2.

Introduction to the Graphical User Interface and many other parts of the user manual cover it.
Duplicati’s GUI (if you choose to use a GUI) is accessed from a web browser, so the tray icon
provides a way to open your browser to Duplicati’s GUI (along with other controls and status).

Windows puts it in the lower right of screen. macOS probably has it in menu bar at screen top.

Ok so I followed the instructions on the video and installed python3 and checked from the terminal its installed but duplicati still won’t open on my mac what am I doing wrong??

I don’t have a Mac, but maybe somebody else could help. In fact, this help showed up yesterday:

What happens if you go to the address http://localhost:8200/?

It works somehow…I am not sure how but it brought up duplicati just like it does on my pc??

This means that Duplicati was successfully installed and is currently working.
That tray icon is not required to use Duplicati on Macs as far as I know, so you can either start using it now until you figure out how to get the tray icon to show up.

At this point it’s just an issue with Python3 and allowing the tray icon to show up next to the other icons next to the clock. I’ve had great success with the sudo pip3 install pyobjc command that ts678 highlighted above so I’m not sure why it is not working for you.

This link is no longer working for some reason??

Does Duplicati launch when you start your computer?

You can also launch it like any other app when you want to use it.

No I set it to open automatically now…and thats my issue is it won’t launch like any other app and I don’t know why when I click on its app icon in the apps nothing happens it doesn’t launch??