How To Use MS Windows Network Share Folders With Duplicati 2 Running As A Service

If you are using Duplicati 2 as a service, you will not see the network share folder you see as a “normal” user as local drives in the local drive selection.

You can use the freeware tool RunAsSystem from Uwe Sieber:

Open cmd as admin and run the following commands as an example:

RunAsSystem "%windir%\System32\cmd.exe" /k dir

This will open a terminal as nt-autorität\system user.
At this terminal you can check the actual user with:


This will show: nt-autorität\system
With net use you can see if there is any network folder:

net use

With the following command as an example, you can bind the network folder for Duplicati running as a service

net use Z: \\\FRITZ.NAS\EXT_HDD\Folder1 /persistent:yes

Now you should see the folder Z in your Duplicati 2 local folder selection.

Maybe there are other ways, but this works for me.

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