How to limit or delete automatic local database backups

I am running duplicati on a small cache drive using docker. Other programs also run on this drive. It does not have much space (64GB). The main hard drive, on the other hand has 3TB of space. I set up a (custom) script to automatically backup the database file to the HDD every 3 days to protect the database in case of file loss. Since upgrading to from, i have noticed that automatic backups of the local db are saved in the data directory of duplicati. While this seems to be a good feature, this is causing my cache drive to fill up a bit and may cause some problems for other programs to run. Since I am backing the local db up anyway this feature is not necessary for me. Is there any way to limit the amount of db backups duplicati does or disable this function entirely?

Currently no… You have to manually delete the backups (which are only created when newer Duplicati versions include a database schema change).

Good idea to add an option to set a limit on number of backups (or disable entirely).

Ok then. Based on what you said, it doesn’t seem to happen as often as I thought and is more of a one time thing than a continuous backup. I’ll just delete them.