How to install Duplicati on Synology / DSM


Hi @bundito, welcome to the forum! Sorry to hear about your data loss. :frowning:

If you are asking about running Duplicati in a Docker container then yes, that’s doable (at least it with for me). I use it to back up my unRAID NAS files to an off-site location.

If you’re wanting to run Duplicati on your Synology box you may find using their package easier to with with than a Docker container.

Of course, there’s no reason you can’t try out both and see which to prefer - just don’t try to share the same destination folder. :slight_smile:

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Installed Duplicati followed by Mono, and did not work.

Tried the other way around too (Removed Duplicati, and installed it again - where Mono was present and running on the system). Restarted the system to give it another chance, but same results.

DS414 with DSM 6.2.1-23824 Update 4
Mono 4.6.2-0096 (Beta-version from the official Synology-store)
duplicati- server appears to be broken on Synology

Have you tried the workaround I posted in this thread?

1 Like server appears to be broken on Synology

Just to flesh this out a bit, does anybody know Synology paths to the Duplicati folders (like for doing a downgrade) or do DSM package not work that way?

Also, have any of you tried uninstalling Duplicati and, if so, were they any left over files needing manual cleanup?


The default location for databases seems to be /root/.config/Duplicati

I ended up redirecting this (by using a symlink) to my 16TB NAS disk volume, as root is only 2.3GB on my NAS.



I could have sworn there was a server parameter to let you specify the “home” folder (as an alternative to a symlink), but I can’t seem to find it now.


On regular Linux there is - you can just modify /etc/default/duplicati. But Synology doesn’t seem to have that equivalent. Symlink seems to work OK for me.


Did you follow the step 3) in the install guide above? The message you see is exactly the symptom if you did not add your user to http group. server appears to be broken on Synology

Hey, I also have problems with Duplicati on my DS216j running DSM 6.2.1-23824 Update 4.
I use Mono 4.6.2-0096 and Duplicati And my user is member of http group. So looking at the Threads I found so far here, I should not get the “Connection lost” error. Any idea?


My solution was to have a docker instance with Duplicati, I’m running it with OpenVPN without any problems, you can check my post here :
I didn’t check the “path with spaces” problem.


Hi @kliclick, welcome to the forum!

Thanks for sharing your method of running Duplicati on your NAS. Do you find / feel using A Docker container is any better or worse than a native spk?


I used a Docker container because I couldn’t install a working spk in my Synology (DS1511+). But it took some time for a simple user like me to have all the settings working with the Docker container. A working native spk for me will be much easier to set up. I don’t know how to upgrade the Duplicati version in Docker (never looked for how-to’s in the internet), I don’t know if it’s better in terms of memory usage or other performance specs, etc. I tried the spk first, and I think it’s the easiest way. My answer (I repeat, as “normal” user) is that spk would be better.