How do I remove my account here?

I’d like to remove my account here. But I can’t find a way to do it. How do I remove myself?

The forum software only allows this for very new users. After that, you have to ask for some action.

might be an option to add a button to make the “ask” easier, but it still looks like it’s not a self-delete.

and the above user seemingly chose to just leave it.

and the above user chose to anonymize.

There might have been a user who chose to rip out their posts, breaking threads. You have a lot of posts.

If you just want to cut back on random emails that might float in, your profile preferences can be reduced.


There is also a Tracking section where you can seemingly stop category emails, e.g. of Announcements.


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You can PM me, and I will ask for confirmation, and the account will then be deleted and all posts anonymized. This is irreversible.