How can i delete my account? I can't find an option to do so

Per the title. Thanks.

I think posting eventually removes the self-delete option, as it deletes posts, and so breaks threads. Generally it’s preferable to anonymize the user. You’ve probably seen this practice on other forums.
Would you like that? Alternatively just leave it alone unless it bothers you. Discuss by PM if you like.

It’d be good if one could delete their account, but any posts made simply reflect [deleted user]. Something like i’ve seen a fair bit in Reddit. Anonymising something like that is fine (i have very few posts, from many years ago).

I have also changed all my profile details to remove references to anything ‘real’.

I’m confused by the seemingly fine point. This is what anonymizing does, except the user name is anon######## (replace # with a digit) instead of deleted (which does seem even better deleted).

Anonymous users in Discourse (the forum software here) still have a post history, but anonymous.
Profile information gets cleansed for you, which is good because you can’t login again to do that…

Anonymizing Users in Discourse is seemingly their announcement of the feature, plus discussions.
Please let us know if you need something more from this forum. For Discourse changes, ask theirs.

Yes, but my email and other details remain. If the site is compromised they have details. Anyway, i’ve changed the email manually to something i’ll destroy - some people may not think to do that (and worse, use common passwords).

Anyway. I’ve changed my email and the password is random and unique. So yes please, rename my account if it can’t be deleted and i’ll disappear. Thanks :slight_smile:

If you mean for an anonymous user, see the announcement first post again.

Pushing the big red button on Admin page (which also talks about deletions):


Next step, so needs another button push:



Another user insisted on the Delete button, which is worse partly for the reasons below:

The delete impacted a thread by putting holes in its posts, and totally deleted a topic user began.
Anonymization is still strongly preferred. It also anonymizes former user name in any quoted text.
Delete does not.