How can I use Duplicati on Linux to back up to Google Drive?

I’m using Ubuntu. Duplicati is enticing, but I need to be able to use it to remote backup to Google drive. The guide here shows how to configure it to backup, but it doesn’t say how to configure remote backup via command line.

While I’m here, I’m also wondering about how to configure it to only backup certain directorys?

Thanks for your time, yall!

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That’s harder than GUI (you sure you want it that way?), but there’s some help in the manual.

Using Duplicati from the Command Line
The BACKUP command

Duplicati.CommandLine.exe backup <storage-URL> "<source-path>" [<options>]

Multiple source paths can be specified if they are separated by a space.

It’s not configured in the same sense that GUI is, with stored configuration. It’s all command line.
You also have to pick which options you need. Easier to start GUI and Export As Command-line.
If for some reason you want a less cluttered command line, you can use parameters-file instead.

Google Drive is going to need an AuthID obtained manually. Obtain it once and keep on using it.
“Google Drive (limited) login” is the one to use, as Google has intentions to kill off the full access.
One key aspect of a limited is that Duplicati only sees what it makes, so I hope it offers to create.
In GUI, the Test connection button can do that. I’m not quite sure what the interaction is with CLI.