High memory usage on Mac

I’ve noticed a continuously growing amount of RAM being allocated on my Macbook Pro M1 after using Duplicati. I’ve choosed to test the cloud backup of my files to Google Drive exactly beacuse my Google Drive Desktop client have been consuming a lots of RAM (reached the absurdly 60GB with swap, I have only 16GB!).

Duplicati executed the backup very well, but after that, started a raise in memory usage even when not running any backup actively.

Any ideas of what is going wrong? Could be anything with my laptop?


how are you accessing this Google drive thingy exactly ? there is a GoogleServices driver in Duplicati, however I see the possibility that you have used your Google drive as a destination backup, as if it was a local drive. In this case there would be absolutely no reason that it would not eat memory exactly like when you are using it directly.
Generally speaking I distrust emulated drives, as often the emulation is not perfect.

I’m not sure if a get what you is talking about, but let me explain:
I’ve configured Duplicati with the default configurations to connect to Google Drive itself, not using emulated drives from Google Drive client to upload the backup. The backup is created and uploaded automatically by Duplicati.
What are you saying is that configuration will consume as much as the same amount of RAM of the direct sync with Google Drive client? There will be no reason to consume less?

I believe that this higher consumption of RAM is because some bug on Google Drive client, so a I’ve decided to test another backup sync method, even if its not a “sync” properly, but I only use the Google Drive for backup so it is what I want.

I did a quick test on a OSX 12 system with a Sftp server (I don’t have a google drive setup currently) and with a smallish backup (a few 100 of MB) I have seen Duplicati take RAM in the vicinity of 100 MB.

Note that I’m not sure how you are running Duplicati since for me it appears as ‘mono-sgen64’ in the App monitor.