High idle cpu usage


The main problem: Duplicati is, theoretically, not currently running a backup.

  • The web UI shows no backups running;
  • the logs in about → show log → live only show that Duplicati started.

However, it is using a sustained 25% cpu. I need it to not do so. How do I do that?

Successful outcome: duplicati uses approx 0% cpu while not actively running on my laptop.

Background: I recently updated Duplicati. ver Duplicati - . Mac os.

$ mono --version
Mono JIT compiler version (2020-02/6051b710727 Tue Jun 14 15:01:21 EDT 2022)

I was also recently forced to hardkill the process because Duplicati froze on a backup for 15 days. I discovered this last night, which wasn’t awesome, so I killed the process and upgraded it. I have completed several manually triggered backups since then.

edit: Thank you for any suggestions!

sorry about the delay, I don’t have easy access to a Mac and it takes some time to organize.

  • what is your OS version ?
  • could it be because it is trying to update itself ? can you monitor not only the Cpu, but also the disk and network ?
  • is there any change if you start the server separately - that is, by launching from a terminal

mono Duplicati.Server.exe &

you have to stop the tray icon first. This is to eliminate the tray icon, a feature that is very specific to the Mac Duplicati configuration.

Hi gpatel-fr –

os ver: 10.15.7

For update: I’ll look. I did let it run for a couple hours, but nothing scientific.

Per your instructions, this is how I launched Duplicati:

~ % # reports nothing running:
~ % ps aux | grep -i duplicati
~ %
~ % # snipped / finding the exe
updates % pwd
/Users/earl/Library/Application Support/Duplicati/updates
% ls -al
-rw-r--r--  1 earl  staff   281K Sep 25 02:19
updates % 
updates %  mono &
[1] 15292

I’ll update as to how it goes. And thank you.

Duplicati has’t run in a couple days so it launched a backup on launch. After it finishes and gets to a steady state, I’ll run ktrace / monitor network and disk and see if anything interesting shows up.

ugh. I am surprised that it works at all. AFAIK it’s not possible to install from scratch, but it seems that it is possible to update from what you say.