Help destination of backup

I need help figuring out how to find the destination for my backup I’m on a mac and I’m trying to select an external hardrive to backup to??

Hi @Drew,

Looks like you’ve been working on getting Duplicati installed recently. When you say you’re trying to select an external hard drive to backup to, is this your first attempt at configuring a backup?

If so, when you select “Add Backup” in the web gui, under “2 Destination”, you’ll find the option of “local folder or drive” for “Storage type”. In the “Folder path” part of the window, you should see all of the paths available on your computer. I don’t have a Mac to try this on, so I don’t know how it will look for you. If your external drive is mounted, you should be able to find its mount point in the list somewhere.


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I don’t have a Mac either, and the description here is a little short, but it brings this topic to mind:

Duplicati (MAC) does not see USB Drives or NAS volumes