Duplicati (MAC) does not see USB Drives or NAS volumes

I’m new to MAC and it’s probably my fault but I dont get duplicati running correctly.
What I have is:

  • current version of Mac OS 14.0
  • duplicati (
  • duplicati has read/write access to external drives and network volumes


When I start duplicati, neither can I use my attaced USB drive as backup target, nor do I see any NAS volumes to select as backup source.
Finder sees them all…

It would be of great help, if anybody could give me a hint to what I’m missing!
Greetings, Andreas


are your drives mounted ? what is the output of diskutil list ? can you post a screenshot of the Disk utility showing the disk you want to use ?

as I wrote, Finder sees all drives (USB and NAS volumes) and ALL apps (except duplicati) can use them…

At what path? Or do other apps not use paths? I don’t have a Mac, but I suspect Finder might not.

If you did that, you might find out where mounts are, then that might lead you to the path to look for.
The mount command might work too. As a guess, some web search suggests /Volumes may work:


How can I get the mount path of a USB device on OSX?


Does your screen 3 for Source Data have anything that looks like below? Check both top two sections, however the top one is probably convenience shortcuts such as “My Documents”. Computer has more.
Once you get used to where things are on your Mac and find your mount paths, try there if you haven’t.


It’s possible that some Mac security is getting in the way, but you can compare Duplicati view to others.
A concern is that the Destination screen only has the “Computer” view, and you say it’s not seen there.
What else, if anything, also isn’t seen? Maybe that will lead to enough of a pattern to isolate the cause.

If anybody out there knows the Mac well, feel free to jump in, if you have any ideas on what’s going on.

problem is solved. As I wrote, I’m completely new to Macs…
My “problem” was, that I didn’t know, that external drives (USB and NAS volumes) are “normally” visible in finder, but to access them in duplicati, you have to

  1. “show hidden files”
  2. look after /Volumes/…drivename…
    This behaviour of duplicati seemed a little bit odd to me, since (most?) other programs (like e.g. chrome) show external drives/volumes with their names, while duplicati does not and only works with the (hidden) mount points.
    Easy solution, not so easy to find… :slight_smile:
    Thanks to all reponders, Andreas

Are they visible in its main tree view? How to see hidden files and folders in macOS suggests not.
Maybe some apps pull the external drives into a different UI area to avoid hidden /Volumes issue?
Duplicati just gives you the main tree AFAIK. I’m glad you finally found the path to needed mounts.


Duplicati does this on Windows, but I don’t know if drive letters help. Plugging in a USB drive shows: