Google Team Drives Setup


I’ve seen the threads concerning google team drives and it appears this is supposed to work. In fact, under the Advanced Options for googledrive-disable-teamdrive I read:
“This option disables the team drives, showing only files and folders accesible with the account itself”

What does this even mean? I cannot “see” my team drives. I’m asked for a path but I have no idea what to put. Putting “Team Drives/Backups” only results in that path and folders being created under my regular user google drive.

Are there any clear instructions on how setting up a backup to a google team drive is done?


Not yet - mostly because Google Team Drives support is still experimental (as of release canary).

That being said, it was described in this post how an option (--googledrive-disable-teamdrive) was added to hide team drives. What wasn’t mentioned was that it was defaulted to TRUE (hide Team Drives) - likely because of minimal testing.

Unfortunately, I couldn’t figure out how to get even the experimental stuff to work with or without the parameter enabled via the Advanced Options section (remember, that options block changes depending on the Storage Type selected about).

Note that I did not try any of the expanded OAUTH options one can get by:

  • copying the link AuthID link on the Destination setup page (it should look something like
  • removing the “type=googledrive&” part of the link (you should have something like
  • pasting it into a browser window (giving you a full list of available OATH options including “Google Drive (full access) login” - though I doubt that will help with the Team Drive stuff)

Any suggestions on how we can test Google Team Drive @kenkendk?

Duplicati and Google Drive paths

FWIW Support Team Drive targets in Google Drive #2515 has recent failure reports, and offers of assistance.