Getting started with duplicati on mac os big sir?

Hi everybody, it’s great to be here. I’m totally blind running duplicati on macOS Big Sur. I have copied and pasted the duplicati Application to the applications folder. But I have no idea what to do next as when I open the application absolutely nothing happens, I receive no notifications or pop-up warnings from Mac OS X and nothing appears in the menu bar. Is there something I meant to be doing I’m not doing or is there something wrong? If somebody could please help me get started with this that would be brilliant thank you very much everyone :slight_smile:


While I don’t use a Mac, the installation process you followed seems to differ from the one in the Duplicati manual, try to give it a look:

Did you install mono per Prerequisites. Directions are at the apple icon below all of the Linux directions.

Install Duplicati in Macbook pro has directions and notes on an issue if you install macOS 12 Monterey.

I don’t have a Mac, so am searching with Google to try to find some suitable directions for your install…