Install Duplicati in Macbook pro


I have a macbook pro also what is the procedure to install Duplicati?

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I want to ask too. Recently, I have taken the decision to buy a MacBook by replacing my old pc, and I am planning to go with macbook this version
So now my question is how can I set up duplicati on my new MacBook? Cause you know I am not a Mac user, it’s a bit difficult for me to download and setup duplicati on Mac. So, If it is possible to share, a guide on how to download and setup duplicati on Mac, please share. Thanks in Advance

The installation process for Duplicati is very straightforward. Download the MacOS X version from:

Open the DMG file (double click it in your Downloads folder) and drag the Duplicati icon on the Applications icon. Once copied, just double click launch it within your Applications folder.

Sometimes (depending on what other things you have already installed), you’ll be prompted to install “Mono”. This can be found here:


On recent versions of MacOS there is a bug which stops Duplicati starting up properly and it’s quite fiddly to workaround:

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I’m wondering if Duplicati is dead, at least as far as the Macos version is concerned?

Other than the tray icon not working in MacOS 12.3 > Duplicati works fine if installed as explained above.

I’ve tried to muck around with getting the tray icon working in 12.4 but I have not had any success yet.

Duplicati works fine as a service and all you need is a shortcut/bookmark to http://localhost:8200/ngax/index.html#/ (adjust port value if non default) and the GUI page will open and everything else works as it should.

If the tray icon not currently being functional is a game breaker for you, I’m sorry, we’re a bit short on devs and free time these days. It is on the list of to-dos but so are a bunch of other fixes and they all take time to implement.

EDIT: Made the URL into a URL…

I don’t have a Mac, but I’d note that there’s a GitHub issue with two different solutions:

“Duplicati needs to be updated” warning on upgrade to MacOS Monterrey 12.1 #4668

What’s needed is to pick one, build, test, create a pull request, and see if it gets taken.
Sorry to be so low on developers, but volunteers in all areas of Duplicati are needed…

@jfparis was working in GitHub on some aspect of this, but was stuck on the building.
How to build from source has some directions for that that may or may not still be right.

Duplicati on the mar work great. It should be installed as a service (follow the link above) rather than as an icon in the toolbar. FOllow what Chris said here

This would also have the benefit of running has root and allow it to backup the files of other users as well as system files

I believe the installer could be modified easily (but I don’t have the toolchain to build it)

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