Folder selection marks in GUI

I would like to propose a small change in the way the selection of folders is presented through the GUI.

  • right now the icon in front of folders knows just two (three) states: selected and excluded (and nothing).
  • what i’m missing is a “some subs selected” state that would indicate "this folder is included in the backup but there are exeptions (excludes) within this folder.
  • perhaps a “grey minus sign” or “grey square” would contribute to visualize this state in addition to green check mark and red x.

This seems like a semi-popular suggestion.

Have you considered adding this proposal to GitHub to see if somebody with the skill / time to make it happen might be interested?

:slight_smile: semi-popular. i like :slight_smile:
Got 7 Likes though…

To be honest, i don’t have any experience with github, just a user interested in understanding the products he is using. (And perhaps help to make them a bit better, if possible).

But i will have a look into github…

Sounds like me 5 months ago. :slight_smile:

Even if you’re not interested in coding (which could be as basic as a simple spelling correction) adding a ticket to GitHub with good explanation of the problem (or in you case, description of a feature) can kick start the functionality being added.

Once on GitHub, popular features like support for the Sia backend and the recently released --retention-policy parameter, can benefit from a Bounty.

That basically means people who want to see a feature happen, but who don’t have the time or skill to do it themselves, go to GitHub and commit a dollar amount to a specific feature. If / when that feature is implemented, the total bounty is then paid out to the people(s) who made it happen. If it never happens, it doesn’t cost anybody anything.

I can proudly say I helped (I think it was a whopping $10) to make the --retention-policy Bounty get up to over $300 USD. And I believe the Bounty for Sia support was so popular it was over $3,000 USD!

I think this is a very useful feature to have.

A top level folder should not keep the green checkmark if subfolders have been excluded from the backup. The only way to see those exclusions is to drill down to each subfolder or look through exclusion filter lists.

Crashplan in this case changed the green checkmark to a green line. I think something like this might be useful to have.

If you’re still curious, I believe this is being more actively discussed over here: