[FIX] on Synology: won't start from DSM, "Cannot find the specified file" from command line

I encountered this error after trying to install Duplicati on a Synology NAS: it wouldn’t start in the GUI, and when running from the command line I got the above in amongst a lot of other errors. As admin, I had first installed Mono from SynoCommunity, then manually installed the Duplicati .spk from Duplicati’s GitHub (in retrospect I might have been better off going to the download page, which I presume links to a stable release).

After installing strace from entware-ng I pinned the problem down to none of the Duplicati package’s .exe files having their execute bits set. Fix, after ssh’ing in as root, is:
find /volume1/\@appstore/Duplicati -name \*.exe -print0 | xargs -0 chmod a+x
… after this, I could run the Duplicati service from DSM, and subsequently start the client from the main menu (the above may depend on entware-ng versions of find and xargs; not sure).

Welcome to the forum, @conrad - and thanks for posting your experience!

I don’t personally know DSM stuff but if I read your post correctly you actually solved the problem yourself and now have Duplicati working as expected, yes?

Thanks @JonMikelV!

Yes, it’s working, more-or-less; I’m not clear on whether the above is a problem in packaging of (exe files should have execute permission) or in DSM’s handling of the package when installing it, so can’t confidently report it as a bug. I was mainly reporting my experience in case anyone else ran into the issue.

As far as “working, more-or-less” is concerned, it starts under DSM, but I can’t use the GUI from within DSM at the moment (the Duplicati GUI comes up, then says “you are not logged in”). However, after starting it under DSM, Duplicati will work when I go to http://my-nas-ip:8200/ from a separate machine - I have half a suspicion that this is because I said “yes, this is a multi-user machine” and entered a password, but haven’t tested that aspect thoroughly.

I’m also working through some file permission issues (successfully made a local test backup and restored a file, but having restarted, can no longer access the backup); that’s probably down to my initially starting it by hand over ssh while testing though.

Strange, I did not have this issue when installing on my Synology NAS. What version of DSM are you running?

Or maybe it’s just a bug with the latest canary build. I am running beta on all my systems.

My exe don’t have the x flag set and work fine. Mono should be +x, not the exe.

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DSM 6.1.4-15217 Update 2 on a DS713+.

Yeah I couldn’t find any other references to this particular problem, but since it was a little non-obvious I thought it worth mentioning in case anyone else encountered it. I don’t think I’ve done anything particularly weird on my machine, or misconfigured or broken it in any obvious way, but that was what happened when I installed it.

The file permission issues I mentioned turned out to be a result of “the infamous Mono certificates issue”.

Ok now that’s interesting: I’ve just upgraded to Mono (was on 3.1, the release in the SynoCommunity app store), and the dependency on executability has gone. What version of Mono are you on?

Also can confirm that once you add a password to Duplicati (Settings→Access to user Interface→Password, or in response to “Is this a multi-user machine?” during initial install), you can’t start it from within DSM: you get a “not logged in” error, but no option to log in (it clicks on to a Synology error saying “Sorry, the page you are looking for is not found”).

However, accessing Duplicati directly on port 8200 works fine.

Strange, I have Mono 4.6.2-0095. It says it’s the latest version. It is shown as “beta” in the Package Center - you won’t see Mono there at all unless you enable Beta packages, from what I recall.

Ahhh. I didn’t know about the “Yes I want to see beta versions!” checkbox: when I didn’t find Mono in the official DSM package lists, I enabled the Synocommunity repo instead. That’s still back at 3.1 it appears, and my 5.4 version comes from a beta snapshot they pointed me at.