Find large files in backup?

Hello! Is it possible to use the FIND command to discover large files that are a part of my previous backup(s)?

In order to save on storage costs, I’d like to manually PURGE some large files that I no longer need from previous backups. In most cases, though, I don’t know what the files are in advance - they could be ones that I deleted from my source disk at some point and no longer remember. I don’t want to impose a hard limit on the filesize (i.e. --skip-files-larger-than) because by default I don’t want to exclude backing up large files. The flow I’m envisioning is I run the FIND command with some filter that only returns files larger than some supplied filesize, look through the list and determine which I am comfortable deleting, then run the PURGE command with the filenames I chose. Is this currently supported?

I looked through the FIND options documentation and poked around the sqlite tables, but I couldn’t see anywhere to access this information.

Hello @b287070 and welcome to the forum!

“some filter” would need to be an external.

Visualize backup data usage wound up there, and has some other ideas that may or may not fit your use.

If you don’t have egrep, i.e. this is Windows, pipe to findstr or find or use a capable editor like Notepad++.

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