Every backup fails with "Error reported while accessing file" on MacOS

Hello All,

I’m on MacOS 10.14 Beta 2, but this problem has existed since I was on the standard MacOS 10.13. I’m running Duplicati beta.

On each backup, the backup errors out with:
Warnings: [
Error reported while accessing file: /Users/myusername/Pictures/Photos Library.photoslibrary/ => Access to the path ‘/Users/myusername/Pictures/Photos Library.photoslibrary’ is denied.,
Error reported while accessing file: /Users/myusernamePictures/Photos Library.photoslibrary/ => Access to the path ‘/Users/myusername/Pictures/Photos Library.photoslibrary’ is denied.

This is, of course, my photos library from the native MacOS Photos app. I do not have the Photos app open, but of course it’s possible the OS still has it open for iCloud purposes.

I do have Snapshots = On set in my backup options.

Is there something I can do to remedy this error? Has anyone else seen this problem?

I’m happy to provide any other information needed.


The “Access to the path” errors usually are due to security permissions at the OS level, often due to Duplicati being run under a user account that doesn’t have access to the files. Normally an “in use” file causes a different message.

Are the backups really failing or are the succeeding, but with errors? You can check this by pretending to do a restore and seeing if files are available to be selected for restore. If there are files that are restorable, then the backups are finishing just fine and simply reporting that certain files (like photoslibrary) couldn’t be backed up.

Is it only the two warnings you show or are there more that you didn’t include?

Is it really the same path shown twice? (I’m assuming the apparent missing “/” in the second path was a typo on your part, but let me know if I’m wrong.)

After update to MacOS Mojave (10.14) I have same problem too.

File access on macOS Mojave reported a Photo Library and Mail problem, then a solution. Does that help any?

Thank you for alerting me to that thread. I bet that will fix it. I’m away from good WiFi, but I’ve checked that box and will test it out soon.

In the Security & Privacy preference pane (in Mojave) there is a Full Disk Access tab. Try adding Duplicati to the list of apps to see if those errors are resolved.

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I added the Duplicati app that is in /Applications as per your recommendation, @curtis, and Duplicati is now backing up the Photos Library. Thanks for the suggestion!

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For anyone still interesting or stumbling upon this issue. This method still works with MacOS Monterey.

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