File access on macOS Mojave

Hello everyone,

I updated to the public release of macOS Mojave today. I’m currently experiencing issues with backing up my files. It appears the new update has added certain security measures and Duplicati can no longer access my Photo Library and Mail folder. How do I bypass these new restrictions?

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Ugh. If that is the case, I’m interested too. I haven’t upgraded any of my users yet, but in a few months, most of them will move to Mojave and they are running Duplicati.

I figured it out. Mojave introduced a new security measure, preventing any application reading certain user/system folders including photo, mail & message libraries.
Adding to the list in System Preferences -> Security & Privacy -> Full Data Access seemed to have fixed it for me. I’d like to hear if others were having the same issue.

Also I think for a future Duplicati release there should be a warning, giving users a heads up they need to give additional permissions to the application if they are on Mojave.


Yep! That worked for me.

System Preferences > Security & Privacy > Privacy > Full Disk Access

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This fixed it for me too.

I’ve marked the post with the fix as the solution of the OP. This way it gets easier for new people to find it.