Error "Unexpected difference in fileset"

i install Duplicati new and i got this error direct after starting the first backup :

Unexpected difference in fileset version 1: 12.05.2019 10:55:35 (database id: 1), found 101490 entries, but expected 101491

What is the reason for this error or what i must do ?

Thanks for your answer

I don’t know how the error comes (I’ve already got this error one time), but for me I found a Solution. Have you got more than one version? You need to delete the fileset version 1. Open the Command line tools within the GUI:
Choose DELETE and add the option “version” with the value 1.

@Arduino gave the usual recommendation (thanks!) which sometimes works, or sometimes the issue moves to a different version. I don’t think anyone has found a great repair. If desperate, do a Recreate, although on current Beta versions there’s a bug that can make it very slow. Both issues are now “fixed” however they need to be released for those on Beta. It’s being worked on but there are snags to settle.

“Unexpected difference in fileset” test case and code clue #3800 was one reason. Might not be the only, however if you’re on a Beta then it could hit during a compact. You can check job log just before, to see whether a compact ran. Using –no-auto-compact can stop that flavor of the issue but it will waste space.

If you’re willing to run Canary (you can’t get back to past Beta easily, but can go to next when it arrives), then Release: (canary) 2019-11-05 seems pretty solid, except for some Stop and Linux issues. Canary releases are test vehicles, so they get the new features, fixes, and inadvertent breakages first…