Empty window on Windows

Hi, I just found that running Duplicati on Windows will create an empty window. The taskbar icon looks like this.

Screenshot 2023-10-17 105200

And the window is completely blank. It seems that I can close this window without problem, but I just want to make sure it’s OK since I didn’t get this window when I started using Duplicati. I’m on the version

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How do you know it’s Duplicati? Does it go away after Quit on tray icon right click menu?

Many taskbar icons have a right click menu to do things and to identify the icon. What is it?

For harder way, you can seemingly drag a Sysinternals Process Explorer icon into window:


FWIW giving your image to Google Images to look for similar ones might have identified it in
Installer uses default .NET WinForms icon #15874
but I don’t know how that relates to your unusual situation. You’ll need to help study this one.

What does this mean? Do you mean past version didn’t do this, or just began doing it?

Thanks for the reply. When I right click that icon, it shows “Duplicati 2”. The Process Explorer says it’s Duplicati.GUI.TrayIcon.exe. I can see both this blank window and the usual Duplicati tray icon. If I quit using the tray icon, that window goes away. If I close that window, the tray icon is still there and Duplicati is still running.

I meant that I’ve been using this version for about a month without this issue, but it suddenly happens today.

One thing is unclear, you say that when you close the window it goes away, but there must be a moment when it comes back else it would just have been a freak occurence and you would not talk about it. So is there some special event when it comes back ?

No. I don’t think that window comes back. I just want to be careful since I don’t want to mess up my cloud backups.

Let’s be clear: this is an event that you have never seen again, that you can’t reproduce ? If it is the case, I don’t see how anyone could debug it.
Is your computer a consumer class PC (without ECC RAM) ?

The event happens every time I run Duplicati. I’m using a regular PC.

what do you mean exactly by ‘I run Duplicati’ ? is not Duplicati starting with your session ?
Edit: or do you mean by ‘I run Duplicati’ right clicking on the taskbar icon and choosing ‘Open’ ?

I mean clicking the shortcut for Duplicati.GUI.TrayIcon.exe.

thanks, that’s clearer. What is your Windows version ? Any third party antivirus ?

I’m on Windows 11 22H2. No third party antivirus. It seems to me that Duplicati launches two processes and one of the processes has a gui window.

True, but that’s not likely the problem The first is just a launcher for latest version.
That might turn out to be the originall install, or it might be some installed update.
Turning on Task Manager Image path name column can show its path locations.

which reminds me – does this weird extra window last through restarting the PC?
What’s the display setting in pixels, and can you estimate the size of the window?
The tray icon looks like it needs a small hidden window. Maybe yours didn’t hide?


explains how you can stop the second Duplicati (assuming initial install is

You could Quit Duplicati, open a terminal window, and do manual start for testing:


On the topic of updates, did this show up around recent Windows Patch Tuesday?
Windows Forms is part of .NET Framework, and that tends to change sometimes.

That was the 17th, and Patch Tuesday was the 11th, but it has some grace period.
I don’t think Duplicati changed, but you could try uninstall and reinstalling as a test.
First, you should probably find your update situation, e.g. how’d you get to

About → System info will show BaseVersionName and ServerVersionName which
are initially the same, but autoupdate will make them different as mentioned above.

and does the usual Duplicati tray icon have its usual look, unlike the odd new one?

BTW, if everything seems to work well, it probably does, but this window is strange.

ServerVersionName : -
BaseVersionName :

It is kind of strange. I restarted the computer then ran Duplicati again, the window still showed up. However, after some time, I opened it again and it doesn’t show up anymore. Now there are still two processes, but they are all in the background processes section of the task manager. Previously the process with that window shows up in the process section.

The window itself is a small, completely grey rectangle with larger width than height, which can’t be minimized. I downloaded Duplicati weeks ago and I’m not even aware of that Duplicati can autoupdate. The tray icon looked as usual. I don’t remember if Windows was updated before I opened Duplicati yesterday.

I don’t know how Task Manager draws that distinction, although usually I’m in Details tab which lacks it. Continuing my very speculative guess (I’m no Windows guru and have not written Windows Forms), it’s possible that a failure to do the Hide (no idea why it would fail though) leaves a process as foreground.

The one I’m talking about should be quite small, but seemingly square. 10 by 10 pixels per source code.

Settings has the Windows Update history. Often it takes a restart. Task Manager CPU shows the uptime.

Because your base version is the same as the server version, you don’t have more updates to deal with. You can uninstall and reinstall Duplicati. Your settings and backup should be preserved. If somehow that doesn’t happen, database should be recreated from destination. Config should get Export to file anyway, because if system is lost, it won’t be anywhere else. Please save an export somewhere safe and secure.

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Hello @toshiki

Sorry for the delay, but I don’t run Win11 outside of Duplicati tests, I finally restarted this VM, after waiting ages for it to update, I installed Duplicati beta… and could not repro your problem. No empty window. It may be linked to a particular configuration. I can’t fathom which one, though. My test VM is pretty vanilla except that I disabled most security features, hoping to get it to run a bit less slow.