Duplicati is a client-server system?

duplication works as a client-server system where I can centralize the backups made to my clients on the server and restore it when needed? Thank you.

Hi @oscar_eimar, welcome to the forum!

Functionally, Duplicati runs a “server” on the machine to be backed up. Whether run as a service / daemon or part of the Tray Icon, the server is what handles the actual backing up tasks.

The Tray Icon “client” is really just a simple way to get to the web interface provided by the “server” - and it gives a graphical icon representation of the server state (online, error, backing up, paused, etc.)

Both these Duplicati parts run on the machine being backed up - there is no code that runs at the destination.

So yes, you can have multiple client machines backing up to the same server (hopefully into different folders) but there is no central tool to manage reporting, edit jobs, or do restores - yet. (Some people are working to built a few.)

If you can explain your needs a little more we might be able to better describe how Duplicati might (or might not) work for them.

For example, even though there’s no central manager tool, you can restore files backed up from machine A onto machine B as long as machine B can get to the same to which destination machine A is saving backups.