Backup all my pcs in my office using duplicati

i want to set duplicati in my office to take backups of all the user data from every individual pcs . can someone help me how can i do this ?


Duplicati is not a central backup solution like Veeam. If you want to backup a computer with it, you have to install it on each PC.

so can i set back up of each pc to my file server ? can you help me achieve this task of scheduling back up from each pcs directlt to my server ?

See Creating a new backup job in the manual, where it says “In step 4 you can schedule your backups.”
Storage Providers shows some of the options to get to your server. Maybe some of those exist already?

I don’t know if you have security concerns of users on different PCs getting into each others’ backups…
I don’t know if you have similar concern with multiple users who share one PC needing such separation.

Please read some, think situation, and ask questions.

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