Duplicati cant recognize existing folders in team shared google drives

Hello, Duplicati is wonderful :slight_smile:, but I’m encountering an issue. Here’s what’s happening:

I have a team-shared drive containing several folders. For example, let’s consider the folder/subfolder structure. However, when I attempt to use Duplicati to upload a file to an existing folder, it doesn’t recognize the folder’s existence. Instead, it suggests creating a new folder. If I proceed with this, the newly created folders will be identical to the originals, but they won’t contain the data from the original folder/subfolder. Do you happen to have a solution for this issue?

Here a schema recap


did you read

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There is the solution ! I’ve read the topic and here the briefing :partying_face:

1st : It’s not a bug it’s a intenationnal for security reason from google.
@kenkendk explained :
"The name you set on a folder is just a label. All files and folders have an internal ID, so you can easily have multiple folders with the same name, although it is really confusing to browse it from the Web UI.

When you log in with via the OAuth handler, and choose “Google Drive” you only give Duplicati permissions to see/touch files it has created itself. Thus if you create a folder from the WebUI, Duplicati has not created it and is not allowed access to it.

“This is not a bug, its a feature”. Specifically, it is done to prevent a rogue Duplicati from wiping your Google Drive (extremely unlikely, but that is the idea)."

2nd : if you wish to grant complete access to the account token, you can copy your token by logging into the website. Instead of using limited access, switch to full access.

Then autorize it for the account that is supposed to do the backups, then it will show you your token copy it into the AuthID at the backup destination.


3rd : We can still use the shared drive end link ( It’s azerty123 for the example)


This is a risky plan, as Google had a plan to remove it to improve their security:

Enhancing security controls for Google Drive third-party apps

“Google Drive (full access) login” restricted in early 2020 #3875 has my advice:

If you’re not yet running full access, don’t start

Unless someone knows for sure that Google won’t do what they had announced,
safer plan is to stay with limited login, and just let Duplicati create its own folders.

There ideally shouldn’t be anything else in a Duplicati folder besides its own files.
Throwing in more risks confusing things, especially if other file names are similar.

I understand but I really need to do the job like this. Because it’s to save datafiles from a lot of computer in a Shared Gdrive. Everyone had already created a Gdrive for every computer that needs to be used, and the folders are already created. Also it’s already complicated in our environment so I will not use a secondary folder to save the backup, everything will be in a subfolder.
If I had the option to share subfolders like shared drives I will do it but it will be something to do in more of. I have to make the simpler save method of m company and everyone will be happy.