Duplicati cannot access any existing folder on OneDrive


I am backing up our family files to OneDrive. For a long time this had been working without problems. Then I got stuck at “Verifying backend data”. After some days without a change of this message I recreated the backup job hoping this might help. Now Duplicati always gets stuck at “Testing connection”. However it is able to access the OneDrive and create a new folder but in the next step it gets stuck at “Testing connection”. Therefore I cannot use the connection to OneDrive. My sync-program can access all the folders without any issue. So I assume it must be a problem within Duplicati this time. Currently I am backing up to a folder and the I sync the folder to OneDrive which is not really a long-time solution.

Does anyone have an idea what the problem could be and what I could do to solve it?

Thanks in advance for any suggestions.

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Without more details (such as Duplicati version, operating system, etc.) I can’t tell for sure what is going on for you but there are two possibilities that come to mind:

  1. Microsoft is shutting down their current / old API. If you’re using a newer canary build (sorry, I’m not sure which one) then you may need to re-authorize the destination with OAuth via the “Graph API” (Can´t connect to Onedrive Business since a few days & Backup run through web interface does not work, but works through exported command line).

  2. At least one user has reported problems with OneDrive since the Windows 10 April 2018 update (OneDrive backups no longer work after Windows April 2018 Update).

Hello again,

I am using on Windows 10 April 2018 update. But I think your second point about the problems after the April update are not the same as mine because my problem is not that the OneDrive-folder cannot be backed up (actually it can be backed up really well when I use a local backup destination) but that my OneDrive online cannot be used as the backup destination. This problem not only se when I try to perform a backup but even before when I try to setup the backup job. The strange thing is that it worked before without problems. Furthermore I am sure that Duplicati can access the OneDrive online because Duplicati can create new folders but it cannot use existing folders which already contain about 17k Duplicati files. Even stranger is the fact that other programs like AllwaySync which also use the OAuth-process to authenticate for OneDrive can access the folders which Duplicati cannot access. Of course I reauthenticated but it did not help in any way. Duplicati just hangs at “Testing connection” forever.

Is there anything I could do to further investigate the problem?

Thanks again for any suggestions.

Thanks for the additional info - and for straightening me out about the your destination issue vs. the other topic’s source issue. :blush:

Is it possible the ownership of the Duplicati folders on OneDrive somehow got changed so Duplicati doesn’t have access to them anymore? (Not that I’d now how that could happen in the first place…)

Did you try setting up a new backup to figure this out?

I don’t do much with OneDrive so am not sure how difficult this would be, but could you try moving the 17k existing Duplicati files to a new folder that you know Duplicati has access to then update your backup destination to point to the new folder?

I know it’s not really a fix, but it might help narrow down if the issue is folder access vs. file access related…