Duplicati + OneDrive Business Verifying files error

Running: Duplicati - on a OMV BOX.
Have tryed to setup Duplicati with OneDrive for business.
Everything went OK, until the last part where the progressbar shows verifying files
Nothing happens when it comes to this point.
When I go to OneDrive for busines, I can see the backup zip aes files, but the web page never ending verifying files.

I have tryed to make a new job for BOX.com instead, and all works just fine.

And thanks for a great program.

Hi @ofh, welcome to the forum - and thanks for using Duplicati!

I suspect the and versions have display bug in them where the progress bar doesn’t always update to the current task so it can appear that it is “stuck”.

Even though the progress bar isn’t updating, do you see progress on the the global Live log with “Profiling” or the “lastPgEvent” on the “System info” page as described here?

Hi Thanks for reply.
What I see, I have tryed to show in the pictures below.


Thanks for the screen shot.

As a test, if you add --backup-test-samples=0 to the job, does the issue go away? (Note that this is not a fix, it’s simply telling Duplicati to skip doing it’s normal test of a random destination file to make sure it’s still viable.)

After a backup is completed, some files are selected for verification on the remote backend. Use this option to change how many. If this value is set to 0 or the option --no-backend-verification is set, no remote files are verified
Default value: “1”

Thanks again
–backup-test-samples=0 did work !! :slight_smile:

Last successful run:Today at 11:21 PM (took 00:00:32)

Do I have to wait for an update ??


Hi again
Have tryed to restore from OneDrive, but now it is stuck on restore (it is only a single file)

No, we haven’t actually found an issue yet - just narrowed down where the problem is happening.

With the restore not working right either it sounds like OD4B is having a problem letting you GET (download) files. While the restore is running, if you open Duplicati in another tab and go to the Job -> “Show log” page then choose “Remote” what are you seeing?

Note that this log is basically anything that Duplicati is trying to do with the destination and clicking on one of the lines will likely expand it to show details

Rather than a screen shot you should be able to copy / paste it from the log itself. Here’s what one of mine looks like with the details being shown:

Jun 26, 2018 10:35 AM: get duplicati-be411a91c7ebd4728a17d1ac82cb3d35f.dblock.zip
Jun 26, 2018 10:35 AM: get duplicati-i98a3307a6fb54511b5abaedbcefde8d5.dindex.zip
Jun 26, 2018 10:35 AM: get duplicati-20180625T141848Z.dlist.zip
Jun 26, 2018 10:35 AM: list




This seems to be the same problem as this, which has been discussed previously, but not solved:

OMV is built in Debian Linux, which I also use.