DST time shift still not working

Duplicati -

After switching from summertime to wintertime all backup time schedules are off by one hour. I know this has been mentioned many times, long time ago but still does not seem to be fixed in this beta version.

Yes, I believe this did not get resolved last year. :frowning:

Are you experiencing the same symptoms described here?

This sounds like something different, but which I also experienced: After DST ends, any backups that are scheduled to run at a certain time of day get shifted by an hour (e.g., I had a daily backup scheduled for 4 pm, which got moved to 3 pm).

This looks like the relevant Github issue:

Hmm… So there are two different (known) issues both daylight saving time related.

In yours backups run an hour earlier (at fall end of DST) or an hour earlier (at spring start of DST, as described in the GitHub item) and (I assume) this shift lasts the entirety of DST. In the other issue, backups run as scheduled but get an overlapping timestamp.

This makes me wonder what’s different about your two setups. Though that likely won’t help resolve your issue.

Yes, in my case I only experience the shift in backup time by one hour. I am on a Mac if that matters.

I think that is related to that Duplicati is not handling the UTC time correctly for the local timezone. Remember that there is another time bug still open where the backup day shifts to the next day if a backup time is selected within the UTC-7 shift range. Fixing this properly should take care of both issues.

The DST bug still seems to be not fixed in On my Mac, a backup scheduled during winter standard time at 3:00am now switched to be scheduled at 4:00am under DST time. I don’t know yet whether it actually runs at 4am.

Correct, this behavior has yet to change. The backup schedules are stored internally in UTC, so the actual runtimes are affected by Daylight Saving changes.

Same behavior for me both on Windows (beta) and Linux (canary).

I just encountered this as well. It would be nice if this didn’t happen.