Don't it re-sync?

hello guys, i started to use unraid, i downloaded duplicati from the apps tab but now i have a question or problem,

i created a test folder
i connected my google drive
i uploaded the original, they are on drive now, but if i add a file or delete a file and run the backup again i see no changes, not on one drive or the logs and it don’t say it have any errors,

i don’t know if these screenshots are any use full

but it feels like duplicati dont reconize the extra files ? i also copied a other file maby it is because hashing but it didn’t update the backup on google drive and it stay on 4 files checked

seems the backup also don’t show the copies

You’re right, it looks like it doesn’t detect that there are new files. Very puzzling!

I’m not familiar with unraid so I don’t know what might be causing it. Hopefully someone else has an idea!

i just rebooted the nas and the programs,

just in case it checks hash or crc , even a other file is not reconized and re-synced

Duplicati scans the filesystem each time the backup runs, no need to restart it or the server to get it to recognize new files.

Something weird is going on here, that’s for sure.

I’m not very familiar with unraid apps - are they docker containers? If so, can you get a shell prompt inside the Duplicati docker container and do some “ls” commands to see if the files look right from the container’s perspective and match what you see on the NAS?

A similar test would be to see if the files look right from Duplicati’s perspective on its Source screen.
On the Source Data screen 3, view folder again to see what’s visible and checked there and below.
I don’t think there’s a direct way to get Duplicati to ls the source, so potentially results could differ…

For such a small backup, it’s also feasible to watch About → Show log → Live → Verbose to watch everything that’s seen by name with some additional information on how the file is being processed.

Unraid is a nas kind of os, and yes duplicati is a docker / container

I am not that familiar with commands , i use duplicati web

I don’t quite understand what i should do,

All i want is a simple to use cloud backup application like hbs3

I’ll try expanding.

I assume Creating a new backup job shows what you once did. Edit the current job, go to screen 3 where you selected your Source Data folders and files (see the manual for an example), look at your folder and files. Do you see the “missing” files? What’s checkmarked? If it’s not checkmarked, it won’t be backed up.

You should be able to see the folder and files go by in the log. This is a troubleshooting step. Normally you just select files and folders to back up. Here, the idea is to see if the log looks like what you are expecting.

Using another tab open to Duplicati is a good way to set up and not miss anything (this might be quick…). Starting at Home screen, click About, Show log, Live, then pick Verbose from the dropdown to enable log.

From the backup tab, run backup. Returning to the log screen shows a reverse-chronological information log which should show the folder and files you selected. If not or too confusing, paste screenshots or text.

Any questions?


Here’s an example, although it’s from a log file so it’s chronological order and the format is more verbose:

2021-12-09 16:52:19 -05 - [Verbose-Duplicati.Library.Main.Operation.Backup.FileEnumerationProcess-IncludingPath]: Including path as no filters matched: C:\PortableApps\Notepad++Portable\App\Notepad++64\backup\webpages.txt@2021-12-01_162617

2021-12-09 16:52:21 -05 - [Verbose-Duplicati.Library.Main.Operation.Backup.FilePreFilterProcess.FileEntry-CheckFileForChanges]: Checking file for changes C:\PortableApps\Notepad++Portable\App\Notepad++64\backup\webpages.txt@2021-12-01_162617, new: False, timestamp changed: True, size changed: True, metadatachanged: True, 12/9/2021 9:39:44 PM vs 12/9/2021 1:21:30 PM

2021-12-09 16:52:35 -05 - [Verbose-Duplicati.Library.Main.Operation.Backup.FileBlockProcessor.FileEntry-ChangedFile]: File has changed C:\PortableApps\Notepad++Portable\App\Notepad++64\backup\webpages.txt@2021-12-01_162617

If you don’t get something like the first line for all of the expected files, then maybe the view from the container is wrong somehow, but at least it “should” be consistent with what you got on source tree.

Your original four files didn’t change, so you probably won’t see the second and third lines about that.

I will check once i have the time , since my lil bro came over for the weekend i barly have chance to get behind my pc =^.^;=,

Also, are you using usn-policy option by any chance? Using “usn-policy=on” can create similar problems, not detecting changes in selected folders.

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Thanks for your input.

I guess we should find out more definitely what the configuration is, as usn-policy is very Windows-tied.
What’s been posted here includes screenshots like Windows looking at the Unraid over SMB, however

makes me think Duplicati’s Docker container is on Unraid (which I think is based on Linux) with a more direct access path that doesn’t go over SMB but does have to get out of its Docker container to access requested source files. I don’t use Docker, but my impression is sometimes access needs to be set up.

What’s puzzling if it’s an access-to-host-files problem is that it seemingly did get to the initial four files…


Any host directory that you want to back up needs to be mounted into the container using the -v option.

      - </path/to/appdata/config>:/config
      - </path/to/backups>:/backups
      - </path/to/source>:/source

I have little idea how much help Unraid provides, but I saw an old video showing non-Duplicati screens.

How to install / configure a Duplicati Docker container (unRAID)

I use neither Unraid nor Docker, but any info on which Docker you got and how it’s hooked into Unraid?

and also use Unraid without ever using a command line? ls is like Windows dir command if you do that.

Does this happen on the current Beta There were some fixes in 2020 that may or may not apply:

USN option working inconsistently

and I’m also not finding an open Issue that sounds like yours. Maybe you can open one if you know steps.

Ups, my mistake. I thought that was about Windows.

Well… It does not. After some, although limited, tests, usn option works fine. Seems that current beta corrected some usn misbehaving’s. My mistake again. I’ll grab my coat…

I literly dont know how or what , i don’t see anything what you guys mentined

If you expand “Computer” in that tree view, do you still see the “/source” folder and all its content?

I cant expand it, atleast not on my ipad, i probaly kind of know what is wrong, it dont sync the folder because unraid putted the new files on a other disk, but same folder name,

Unraid fills the drives equaly , like if one is 80% and other 70% it fils the 70% till 80 then move on to the next, i don’t know what it is called atm

Shares in the Unraid manual talks about user shares and disk shares which all exist under /mnt. The Duplicati How-To and the video it points to suggest /mnt/user be mapped to /source which I guess ensures you only get the merged view. The manual refers to a configurable allocation method to control which disk gets the new file.

I haven’t looked into this enough to know when one might prefer to backup disk shares, as you might be doing.

Seeing the size of the storage, it might be good for Duplicati performance if you increase the advanced option blocksize high enough on the initial backup (because it can’t change later) to have less than a million or a few million blocks at what you think the eventual size will be. More blocks get hard to manage, so operations slow.

I don’t quite understand what you explain,

Block size is 50 mb right? And i have to upload like 30tb,

And if I understand you correctly , duplicati can not lets say update the files if i change something?

I do perfer the hbs3 way of qnap,
I don’t know if anyone knows it here, but it is a good app ,
It wont upload existing files, i don’t have to worry about a change i make,
And encrypted files without having to zip it,

But thing is , a nas is limited and expansive,

you mean this ?

so what is best block-chain ? or splitted filezise ?

You definitely want to configure user shares in Unraid. This makes it so that the actual drives the files are stored on are “hidden” from the client. The client just sees directories.