Does Duplicati provide back-up storage?

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I have files on my desktop which I like to back-up on a safe place. Can I do that with Duplicati - i.e., does Duplicati provide storage space outside my desktop? How do I set that up and get access to that stotage space (because when I try to set up Duplicati, it asks for a destination folder on the desktop itself). Thanks for your help!
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No, Duplicati is a software solution to backup local data to remote storage, supporting an extensive number of backends for storing your backup data:

Duplicati takes care of features like versioning and deduplication, but doesn’t provide the storage itself. For backend storage, you can use local storage (NAS, UNC path, local folder), standard network protocols (FTP, SSH, WebDAV) and proprietary protocols (OneDrive, SharePoint, Google Drive, Dropbox).

Hi Kees,

I have set Duplicati to backup files from my desktop pc to Stack, thru WebDav. When at the end of the installation I tested the connection it gave an ok. Now when I open Duplicati, I get ‘http://localhost:8200/ngax/index.html#/’in the browser address, I get the screenshot as below but there is no action. When I click on ‘run now’ nothing happens either. Do you have a suggestion to get this going?

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Looks like a backup job is running, but the upload speed is extremely slow (25kbps). If you did not set throttle options to a low speed yourself, I guess there’s a connection issue between Duplicati and Stack.
If you make a WebDAV connection using Windows Explorer to Stack, is up- and download speed normal?
Maybe aborting the backup and restarting your PC helps, forcing Duplicati to establish a new WebDAV connection to Stack.

Hi Kees,

I restarted the pc, ran Duplicati, (by clicking ‘run now’), but got the error message below. After aborting, restarting and again ‘run now’ this message reappears. The errors themselves (no errors under general – only under remote) are listed in the screenshot below. What should I do to fix this? Thanks again for your help! Kind regards, Cazz

The error message states that according to the local database, there should be 725 file sets (.DBLOCK and .DINDEX files) at your backup location, but 508 were found. So quite a lot of expected files are missing.

One thing you could try is delete backup version 1 and do a database repair. However, according to your screenshots, your source data is about 50 GB and you have just 1 or maybe 2 backup versions.

It seems you have had some unusual connection problems to Stack. If you have decent upload bandwidth, I suggest deleting the local database, removing all files from your backup folder in Stack and start the initial backup again.

Hi Kees,

Thanks for your reaction. Please note that I don’t have a backup yet because Duplicati didn’t finish the first backup.

  1. Which database do you mean with the local database? Is that the database/set of files on my desktop computer that I try to backup? But when I delete that, I will lose this forever. And I don’t have a full backup yet.

  2. How do I delete the (incomplete) backup version 1? Is that the Duplicatifolder I have made in Stack? When I delete this folder in Stack, do I have to recreate this folder in Stack, in order to be able to run Duplicat again?

My apologies for the trouble!

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No, don’t delete your source files! It’s the database that keeps track of which information is already stored at the backend. This database can be rebuilt from the backend files, provided that you have a consistent backup. Your backup is not consistent, but if you delete the local DB, you can start your initial full backup from scratch.
After deleting the local database (click your backup name to expand, click “Database”, click the Delete-button), you can delete all files that were created by Duplicati from your Stack cloud storage by logging into Stack using your web browser. Don’t delete the folder that contains the files (or recreate it afterwards). If all files and the local database are deleted, all that’s left is the configuration of your backup job. You can start the initial backup again by clicking “Run now”.

Using the Duplicati command line tools, you can delete one specific backup version, without deleting all other backup versions. If you want to try this, click your backup name to expand it, click “Commandline”, choose “delete” from the command dropdown menu, replace everything in the commandline arguments textbox with version=1. Click the “Run delete command now” button to start the process. If this completes successfully, you have to rebuild the database, this can take an amount of time, success is not guaranteed. So probably the option above (delete local DB and backup files from Stack, start backup from scratch) is your best option, there’s not much to loose if just a part of the first backup is the only thing you have.