Found 2 commands but expected 1 error during Repair

This isn’t anything critical - I’m just playing around with learning Duplicati and thought I’d try running a repair command (via the GUI) on an existing small test Webdav backup and ended up getting the following message:

Found 2 commands but expected 1, commands: 
Return code: 200

I tried again with an SSH based one and got basically the same message:

Found 2 commands but expected 1, commands: 
Return code: 200

Is this a bug or am I not understanding the message correctly?

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The repair command only has one argument, the remote destination.

You can try something like:

Duplicati.CommandLine.exe help repair

Your command should look like:

Duplicati.CommandLine.exe repair --dbpath="C:\localdb.sqlite" "webdavs://" 


I think it’s a bug in GUI.
I have found a workaround for it.
Start to the command line from GUI, select repair command and remove value from CommandLine argument. Just make it clean.

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Thanks! It looks like different commands are happier with the extra parameters than others. :slight_smile:

The problem here is that the UI is set up to run the backup command. When you choose another command, it just keeps everything “as-is”, which is perhaps not the most logical thing to do, as it is very likely to not work.

Yeah, I usually end up removing everything and even editing advanced parameters as text and deleting everything except the ones I want.

Do you have a good idea for how we can fix this? Maybe have separate fields for the source folders, so they are ignore when not doing a backup?

Thank you. That workaround also works for me!