Differens in database files, what are they?



What is the difference to the database files for duplicati?

  1. DZEUKKAGTZ.sqlite (the database file used in the “live” backup?)
  2. DZEUKKAGTZ.backup (a backup of the file or?)
  3. DZEUKKAGTZ.backup-1 (a backup of the backup or?)
  4. DZEUKKAGTZ.sqlite-journal (a what?)
  5. backup 20190110120730.sqlite (one more backup of what??)

I know DZEUKKAGTZ.sqlite is used for the backup, but what about all the “.backup” files and so on, are they save to move to save some space, because I have 131GB backup files, and 65GB “live” sqlite files, so I will like to move them to a save place.