Database or Disk Full


I have a 50GB Backup but there is a lot of file in the backup. Getting the following error

Log data:
2020-07-07 04:47:36 +01 - [Warning-Duplicati.Library.Main.Operation.Backup.FilePreFilterProcess.FileEntry-FailedToAddFile]: Failed while attempting to add unmodified file to database:
Mono.Data.Sqlite.SqliteException (0x80004005): Insertion failed because the database is full
database or disk is full

System Centos: 7.5
Disk Has plenty of Free Space on Ext4
Version Lateste Beta
Mono: 6.8

Database is however close to 8GB in size.
102 Version in the backup whose size is 15GB. A lot of the data in the backup is similar small files.

Any ideas havenot tried a vaccum or repair yet. Just checkingg is there any styrange limits of the database

Eventually solved this

Quick search of the forum and reading docs SQLITE ignores the --temp-dir setting.

As I had a version of SQLITE less then 3.8.1 it also does not recognise SQLITE_TMPDIR environment variable so the disk that the temp database files where actually going to was filling up and running out of space.

As I didn’t want to change the global TMPDIR I added it as an Environment in the systemd service file for duplicat service so it only applied to this service

Issue resolved

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Glad you found a solution and thanks for sharing it!